Find Your Calm Every Day...

even when life is super busy, so you can stay on track with your healthy and happy habits.

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You'd love your days to be calm and fulfilling...


But instead, does this sound familiar?

You've tried all the "things" many times before - where you feel inspired & motivated, but before long, you are back on the treadmill and finding your calm is rare.  

✔️  Your days feel rushed and there is never enough time to get everything done, let alone focus on healthy habits or to "smell the roses". 

✔️  You seem to be doing lots of things for other people but not much for you - you'd love to feel calmer and less stressed, and to find more balance in your days. 

✔️  You know the healthy habits you should be doing but just can't find the time or the motivation to get started or to maintain them daily. 

✔️ You are aware of the importance of meditation but don't have time or just find it too hard to do regularly.

✔️  You feel there is more to life and you feel the call to delve deeper into your own spirituality and discover more about your true nature and your purpose/direction in life. 

What If Your day Could Look More Like This?

🤍  You wake excited for the day's full of promise & possibility. 

🤍  You have created your perfect morning routine -- and you actually manage to do it most mornings! (and when you don't do it you don't "beat yourself up" because you calmly know that sometimes life gets in the way but you'll be back on track as soon as this period is over)

🤍  You are able to calm your busy mind and reduce stress with meditation and other new tools you've learnt.

🤍  Each month you are building upon and solidifying your habits. They are enjoyable things to do and not a chore.

🤍  You feel connected and supported by your online sisters from all over the world. You can share things with them that you don't want burden family/friends with and know there is never any judgement, only love and support. 

🤍  You are excited by your own potential and you are learning more about yourself each are blossoming and unleashing your full potential onto the world. You are inspiring those around you without even trying, your glow just spreads to others naturally. 

All of this is possible by creating a few key habits & having the support & accountability to make them a natural part of your life. 


Confidence, Clarity and Calm are all things that need to be established and re-established daily. 

Each and every day you have the power to shift who you are and who you will be tomorrow. 

I have taught hundreds (possibly thousands now) of people that meditation does not have to be difficult.

And once this habit has been established - creating other new, healthy habits and a stronger more resilient mindset becomes a lot easier. 

  Together, with a supportive community and a clear path to follow, it all falls into place so you can stop seeking and start living - with calm, connection and confidence.


CalmWomen -

Is an online (self-paced) program & community, where you'll  - 

✔️ be taken on a journey to start or deepen your meditation practice and put in place healthy & sustainable habits. 

✔️ be a member of a private, online group - this space is a refuge of calm, community, accountability & support 

✔️  receive coaching and exercises to give you the clarity to create and plan a clear path forward. You'll be clearer about your purpose and the daily habits that need to be created or strengthened in order or you to be healthy, happy and calm (and even achieve goals you might have thought were out of your reach!). 

✔️  be invited to fortnightly "Calm Circles" to come together online as a community, to be heard and supported

✔️  have monthly 5 day challenges (plus the all important accountability & support) to build your rock-solid healthy habits. 2 examples of popular ones we did last year in the "Bloom" membership: "Create a stronger core" and "Digital Detox". 

✔️  have access to weekly live meditations (in the private, online group) - it is so much easier to create this life-changing habit when scheduling a time to do it with others.  

✔️  enjoy learning from guest teachers who are experts in their field and share exciting and inspiring teachings (for example I have recorded interviews with: a Buddhist monk, a Classical Indian singer about "Mantra", 2 psychologists about relationships and many more). 

Some words from past members

The first version of this program & community was called "Bloom" - it has been re-designed and now has a new name - CALM WOMEN

Accountability and support...

 Research shows, you are likely to flourish doing anything new if you are surrounded by people who are moving towards the same goal.

It can be so hard "going it alone" when trying to keep up with our healthy habits when life "gets in the way". We get busy, we get overwhelmed, we get have a group to support you and be there throughout it all is invaluable and you'll be less tempted to let your new, good habits slide. 

Find your path - and stick to it with ease and confidence. 

Science tells us people with less stress and who feel a strong sense of belonging to a community are happier, age slower and live longer.

Byeeee Facebook!

Our community is hosted away from reduce overwhelm, comparison and distractions and allow us to focus on what truly matters....every day! 

About me... 

For almost a decade I've been the owner of a yoga studio and a retreat company Find My Calm, (previously called My Yoga Retreat) in Australia. 

I've helped hundreds of people to easily meditate which in turn starts to affect/improve all areas of their habits and their lives. I struggled for many years to learn how to do it - but when it all finally came together for me I made the discovery that it doesn't have to be difficult (but does take practice).

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with a rare and chronic condition that made daily life very difficult, with fainting spells almost every day. Yoga and meditation were integral in helping me deal with this condition without the drugs doctors told me I must take daily - and I've led a very adventurous, energetic and productive life in the 8 years since my diagnosis.  

And more recently, with the huge challenges we have all faced, meditation and my healthy habits have been my anchor and my guideAlways bringing me back to my calm and balanced centre. 

Kara Swift 

You are ready to make meditation and healthier habits an easy part of each day but feel you don't have time, your motivation wanes & you just keep "getting in your own way"

CALM WOMEN is for you if...

 You are excited by the idea of starting and maintaining a meditation practice and other habits to slow down to live healthier, with a clear purpose and direction in life. 

But, like most of us who have been searching, to improve our lives, you know that we need support, accountability and inspiration to remain motivated in the long-term and not just every now and then. 

You recognise the importance of community and want to bond with like-minded women who are also keen to make changes in their lives and be supported to move through discomfort toward discovering their strength, confidence and potential.

You want to improve your reactions to challenging situations (your resilience to the difficult stuff life throws at you), your emotional mindset and the quality of your relationships. 

You are ready to have a deeper experience of spirituality and discover more about your true nature, but have never meditated or find it hard to commit to a regular practice.

You have downloaded apps and read all the free "stuff" but it has just lead to more overwhelm and confusion and no clear path forward. are ready to find your calm, courage and connection on a daily basis!

Calm Women is currently closed for new registrations.  Please join the waitlist for our next intake.

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Questions you might have...

"I want to cultivate the seed that was placed in me, until the last small twig has grown."

K. Kollwitz