Calm At Your Fingertips

Have me on hand to easily guide you to your peace and calm


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What is "Your Calm Collection"
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Come back to your calm and balanced centre

Have at your fingertips, any time of the day or night - simple and enjoyable tools that will -

  • calm you when you are feeling anxious or stressed
  • reduce the chattering thoughts in your mind
  • help you be more mindful & live in the present moment 
  • give you focus and clarity
  • calm down and improve your breathing
  • help you get to sleep
  • bring you into a calm state from where it is easier to be creative and make clear decisions

Your Calm Collection is a beautiful portal on your phone or computer that you can access whenever you need to bring some Calm into your life. 

Choose from a variety of meditations, guided relaxations, mantras and breathing practices. 

Price - $59

Get Your Calm Collection