Find Your Calm & Feel More Connected

Step away from it all and let my voice guide you to your place of calm. 


 Join Me For A [Free] Online Guided Relaxation -

SAT July 24th 9am


Timezone is Brisbane AEST



When -


It will go for approx 30 minutes.

Where -

From my home to your home (via Zoom)

What does it involve -  

We will be seated for a little while and and then you will lie down comfortably and be guided by my voice to a place of peace and relaxation. 

How to join the class - 

You can access the class from your computer, tablet or phone, you just need decent internet access and be in a quiet space with no distractions. 

Cost - 


After you have registered you will be sent an email with the details on how to access the class. 

See you then!

Kara x

A Bit About Me...

For almost a decade I've been the owner of a yoga studio and a retreat company where I host Weekend Silent Retreats.

I've helped hundreds of people discover that meditating without apps doesn't have to be hard. Allowing them to access their own inner peace and calm. 

Meditation is our anchor and our guideAlways bringing us back to our calm and balanced centre. 

Kara Swift