Give Your Child The Gift Of Meditation

Learn To Meditate With Your Child

Give Your Child The Gift Of Meditation

Learn To Meditate with Your Child

In a world of distractions and increasing uncertainty it is our younger generations who are feeling the pressure more and more.


The ancient practice of meditation has never been so necessary and timely.

I make meditation EASY & FUN. With the help of my fluffy cat Jeeves, your child is going to enjoy learning this habit that can change the trajectory of their life. 

To be able to control their thoughts, emotions and reactions as they encounter the pressures of adolescence, exams and world affairs, is like a super-power that they will then take with them into adulthood.


In just 5 days, you and your child will discover, that you can easily meditate, without the use of apps. 


You can access the course anytime you like, from your computer or an app on your phone, to watch the short/fun videos and do an easy practice together with your child.

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Join my cat & I on a 5 day journey - it takes  just 15mins a day

Meditation Made Easy (& Fun!)

It is my mission to demystify and simplify meditation, so that more and more people can do it, including our younger generations. Join hundreds of my students who now have a daily meditation practice and transformed many aspects of their lives. 

My assistant (a Fluffy cat called Jeeves) makes the classes fun and interesting for your child. 

The Meditation Effect

Science tells us that just 10mins of meditation a day is enough to re-wire our brains. We become more in control of our thoughts, words & actions, more compassionate and creative plus we sleep better and improve our immunity. 
Imagine your child arming themselves with this skill to face the world & adulthood with strength, compassion (for self & others) and control (over their thoughts & emotions)

Time To Bond

You & your child will spend approx 15mins together each day for the 5 day course, in what will be VERY special bonding time. You might be surprised by your child WANTING to meditate. In the words of Jodi on day 5 of the course (she did it with her 12 yr old daughter) - "I didn't think she would want to do it today because she stayed up late last night, but this morning, before school she completely surprised me by saying "Mum, are we going to do our meditation today!".

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Chloe now reminds Mum to do their meditation practice!



$29 AUD


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A little about me...

"For almost a decade I've been the owner of a yoga studio and a  retreat company (Find My Calm, previously called My Yoga Retreat) in QueenslandAustralia. 

I've helped people make meditation a simple, daily habit, after I struggled for many years to learn how to do it - but when it all finally came together for me I made the discovery that it doesn't have to be difficult (but does take practice).

At the age of 40, I was diagnosed with a rare and chronic condition that made daily life very difficult, with fainting spells almost every day. Yoga and meditation were integral to help me deal with this condition without the drugs doctors told me I must take daily - and I've led a very adventurous, energetic and productive life in the 8 years since my diagnosis.  

And more recently, with the huge challenges we have all faced, meditation has been my anchor and my guideAlways bringing me back to my calm and balanced centre. I can't wait to share this "super-power" with you and your child. 

- Kara Swift & Jeeves The Cat