One-Day Silent Retreat 

Escape From The Busy Of Life For A Day Of Silence & Relaxing, Mindful Activities In The Forest. 

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12th 2022, 9am - 4pm

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Calm Your Mind

Join us for a day focussed solely on YOU!

Just one day of stepping away from our phones, chatter, responsibilities and chores and being immersed in nature,  meditation, breath work, gentle movement and creativity can totally uplift the way that you are thinking/feeling and bring you back into balance again. 

Allow Your Body Time to Rest - Your Mind The Chance to Refresh

Join Kara Swift for a weekend at a stunning 450 acre property/horse-stud in the Scenic Rim near Rathdowney (approx 1.5hr from Brisbane and the GC) 

An intimate retreat for you and only 6 others. 

Got a "big birthday" or other special event coming up? Have a private retreat  just for your group of 7 -10 guests (you can request it be a semi-silent retreat and you can also have a cheeky drink in the evenings if you like :) Please email us for more info and available dates for a private retreat. 

Ahhh the serenity!

The cares of the world start to drop away as soon as you drive down this welcoming driveway!

Your retreat starts at 9am when you'll arrive at our venue in the forest and then just sink into a day where everything is planned for you and you don't need to think of a thing.

All your activities are designed to slow you down and calm your mind... a fun ZenArt workshop, yin yoga, and meditation plus a delicious lunch and afternoon tea prepared by our private chef. 


One Day Silent Retreats in Brisbane - Kara Swift

When was the last time you were totally absorbed in just creating or expressing through art?

Just one of your mindful activities is a very fun, creative and relaxing Zen Art workshop. Expressing ourselves creatively (even if we think we don't have a creative bone in our body!) is so healing and therapeutic. Even more so, when you are in an extremely relaxed, receptive and mindful state...which you will be by the time you create your Zen Art!

All of your art supplies will be provided and you can take them home to continue with your mindful creating. 

(I created this little Zen Art during my free time on a retreat I hosted - I remember being so totally absorbed it was like a beautiful meditation).