Weekend Silent Retreats  

Retreat from your busy life and your busy mind.


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 Life is busy - it can be difficult to slow down enough to fill YOUR cup.


Do you crave a break from your usual routine, your mobile phone and your chattering mind?  


Calm Your Mind, Connect Back To YOU & The Present Moment

Why go on a silent retreat?

This is a common question I get asked. It is difficult to describe the experience,  but this video will give you an idea. 
Kara Swift (owner My Yoga Retreat & Find My Calm)


Allow Your Body Time to Rest - Your Mind The Chance to Refresh

Join Kara Swift for a weekend at a stunning 450 acre property/horse-stud in the Scenic Rim near Rathdowney (approx 1.5hr from Brisbane and the GC) 

An intimate retreat for you and only 6 others. 

Got a "big birthday" or other special event coming up? Have a private retreat  just for your group of 7 -10 guests (you can request it be a semi-silent retreat and you can also have a cheeky drink in the evenings if you like :) Please email us for more info and available dates for a private retreat. 

Silent Meditation Retreats Brisbane - Kara Swift
Silent Meditation Retreats Gold Coast - Kara Swift

Some words from guests...

Silent Meditation Retreats Sunshine Coast - Kara Swift

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2022 Retreats

The most thoughtful of gifts...

Many of our guests on weekend and one-day retreats are there because a very caring friend or family member realised they need some time out. Life can get overwhelming and a retreat can put things back into balance again. 

We can send you a beautiful gift voucher presented in a gold card, for you to give to them, or we can email you a digital copy. They have 12 months to use the voucher on any retreat they like. 

You can choose a dollar amount or specify the retreat you'd like to book them in for, or send us a message and we can tailor the perfect retreat experience for your loved one. 

Silent Meditation Retreats Brisbane - Kara Swift
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Do you have some questions?

Please email me or if you'd prefer to chat to me, please schedule a time that suits and I will give you a call - I'd love to "meet" you! Kara 

Silent Meditation Retreats Gold Coast - Kara Swift

A little about me...

Before my life as a retreat and yoga studio owner, I created and ran for 15 years, 3 Day Spas on the Gold Coast.  My specialty was bringing groups together for very indulgent Pamper Days...and for the last 8 years I have taken "self-indulgence" to a whole other level with weekend immersions into silence, self-reflection and connection. Giving people the space and tools to slow down in this so very fast paced world. 

Teaching people how to easily meditate is a very great love of mine and the results are life-changing for so many people. I look forward to going on a journey into silence with you!

Kara Swift (Owner of My Yoga Retreat & Canungra Yoga)

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