A "Semi-Silent" Retreat on 160 Acres Of Rainforest In The Gold Coast Hinterland. Oct 29 - 31.  

Or just join us for the Saturday for a "One Day Silent Retreat"

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This exciting new retreat is a little different from our usual Silent Retreats, for 2 reasons: firstly, you won't enter into silence on the first day like we usually do. You can enjoy each other's company and the silence starts approx 9.30am the following day. For this reason, this is a great retreat to do if you have been unsure about doing a completely silent retreat and it is a great one to do with friends, so you can enjoy each other's company but also balance that out with more than 24 hours silence as well. 

The 2nd difference is, for the very first time - we are inviting a very limited amount of people to join us just on the Saturday (9am - 4pm), for a One-Day Silent Retreat (it is a totally silent retreat for those joining just for the day, not a semi-silent one). 

Click here for more details about joining us for Saturday only (9am - 4pm). 

The sounds on retreat...


Join us for a very special weekend 

In the Gold Coast Hinterland, just 45min from the Gold Coast, 1.5hrs from Brisbane 


Retreat away from your worries, your devices, from cooking and planning - and re-discover YOU

🌱  Enjoy the feeling of not having to chit-chat and fill the space with words, while being surrounded by the sounds of the natural world. My voice will guide you through gentle movement, breathing techniques and meditation practices, throughout the weekend. 

🌱 Each session is designed to take you on a journey - to a place of peace, calm and self-discovery.  

🌱 You will leave feeling motivated & inspired to continue on with these healthy practices - with solid techniques that you can easily bring into your daily life, to bring you back your balance and calm your chattering mind. 

🌱 You will be completely enveloped by the sights, sounds and smells of the forest. Life totally slows down on retreat, allowing you to be truly present with each beautiful moment.

🌱 There are several swimming holes for you to take a dip in or to just sit and "be". 

🌱 Our private chef will be nourishing your belly with very delicious vegetarian meals (we can cater for GF, Vegan etc). 

🌱 In your free time you might re-discover those lost simple pleasures like: painting, drawing, journalling, lying on a picnic blanket under a tree and gazing at the clouds. On this retreat we have a very fun and mindful "Zen Art" workshop.   

If you can't get away for the whole weekend, you can join us on the Saturday only, for a One-Day Silent Retreat, 9am - 4pm

One-Day Silent Retreat


🌱  2 nights, simple accommodation

🌱 A private chef creating delicious, healthy meals

🌱 Several yoga classes (including a Yin Yoga class)

🌱  Learn To Meditate workshop and several meditation sessions. 

🌱  Sound healing sessions

🌱  "Zen Art" workshop (all art materials supplied)

🌱  Learn many tools and techniques to take back with you into your daily life, to keep you calm and balanced. 

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Single room (room to yourself with a shared bathroom) $990

Twin-share (2 people sharing a room with a shared bathroom) $1780

Triple share (sharing a very large , ensuited room with your friends - minimum 3 people, maximum 5 people) $790 each, all in single beds. 


Book a cabin all to yourself, or for  you and your friends (maximum 4 people). If booking with friends, in the comments on the booking form, just mention who you are sharing the cabin with. 

(Booked out) Single (cabin all to yourself) $1390

(Booked out) Twin-share (whole cabin just for the 2 of you) $1980, this price for 2 people. 

(1 room left) Single room (your own room in a cabin with one other bedroom & shared bathroom)  $1095

(1 room left) Twin share (2 of you sharing a room in a cabin with one other bedroom) $1790, price is for 2 people. 


A non-refundable deposit of $200 will secure your spot.The remainder is due 30 days before the retreat. Here are our terms. 

🌱  We are going to miss our interstate regular guests 😢  but due to the border closures, we can only accept residents of QLD at the moment. As soon as the situation changes we will of course open up for our interstate friends. 

🌱  This venue has very simple accommodation - You need to bring your own bed linen unless you have booked a cabin. 

🌱 Arrival/Departure times: Arrive between 3pm - 4.30pm (QLD time) and retreat finishes approx 12pm Sunday (after a delicious brunch).  

The way the program and the silence works will be explained to you completely and it will all make sense once you are there. But if you have any questions at all, please get in touch.

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If there is anything else you'd like to know, please get in touch I'd love to hear from you,  Kara