Canungra - Friday March 19th, 6pm - 7.15pm

Just 35min from Gold Coast & 1 hour from Brisbane

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A feast for the senses...

Your body will be taken on a journey of stretch and sensations whilst your mind and soul will be transported on their own magical journey - thanks to music composed 200 years ago by the genius that was Chopin. 

A "yin" yoga class is very gentle, it is suitable for complete beginners as there is no standing up or "up and down", the whole class is done seated or lying down. You will feel deeply connected to your body and drawn away from your busy mind. 

You might like to continue on your evening with dinner at one of Canungra's handful of eateries - all very close to the event, so you can leave your car and take a short stroll down the road. Upon booking you'll be sent all the details to book ahead for dinner if you like.

This event is held on the main street in Canungra at the "School Of Arts Hall": an historic old building with wooden floorboards and high ceilings. 

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Private Events...

Imagine a private "Yin, Chopin & Candlelight" event for you and your friends...

We will tailor a unique, fun and meaningful event for a "big" birthday, Hen's Party, Baby Shower, Corporate Event etc. After your event you can stroll to one of the town's restaurants for dinner

Send us an email and we can give you a call to chat about designing the perfect event for you.

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Gift vouchers

Don't you think "experiences" are such a great gift instead of more "stuff" and clutter?

Especially a unique and thoughtful experience that brings more calm into your loved one's busy life. 

Purchase a particular event or a dollar value that can be put toward any of our events within the next 12 months. 

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$29 per person (or $24 each if you book with a friend)

FRIDAY MARCH 19th, 6pm - 7.15pm Book Your Spot