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Embracing Transformation: From "My Yoga Retreat" to "Find My Calm"

I've been hosting weekend retreats for a decade now. In the first few years my business was very well known as "My Yoga Retreat". Guests came for the yoga, the mental clarity, and a break from their busy lives.

The Journey to Silence

Initially, our retreats were heavily focused on yoga. The physical practice was the centrepiece, providing a foundation for health and well-being. Yet, as the retreats progressed, a pattern emerged. Guests increasingly expressed appreciation for the silent periods I incorporated. These moments allowed them to disconnect from the noise of daily life and connect with their inner selves.

I gradually shifted the retreats to include more silent periods and meditation. What began as an experiment soon became the heart of our retreats. Silence allowed our guests to experience a deeper level of peace and self-discovery. It was clear that the true value of our retreats lay not just in the physical practice of yoga, but in the mental and spiritual stillness that silence and meditation offered.

A Focus on Meditation

As silence became more integral to our retreats, the focus naturally transitioned from yoga to meditation. While yoga remains an important part of our offerings, it now serves as a gateway to deeper meditation practices. Meditation, especially in silence, enables participants to calm the mind, reduce stress, and gain insight into their inner world.

This shift in focus has allowed me to cater to a growing desire for mindfulness and tranquility. Meditation, complemented by the physical benefits of yoga, creates a holistic retreat experience that nurtures both body and soul.

Why "Find My Calm"?

The very natural evolution was eventually a rebranding from "My Yoga Retreat" to "Find My Calm." This also felt so much more inclusive for those who weren't "into" yoga but wanted to experience all the other aspects of the weekend.

The new name, "Find My Calm," perfectly encapsulates the essence of my silent retreats. It reflects my commitment to providing a safe sanctuary where guests can escape the noise of everyday life and discover a profound sense of calm.

This name change was more than a rebranding; it is a declaration of my mission to help people find peace through silence and meditation.

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