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Meditation in a forest

Silent Retreats

A carefully crafted journey to transition you from the loud and busy world to a place of inner peace and calm

Slow right down

Be truly present in each moment

Be free of distractions, technology and your devices

Reconnect with your inner self and the beauty of the natural world

Image by Anthony Tran

  A whole weekend being nurtured in nature and guided on a journey towards creating balance and calm.

You don't need to THINK, you don't need to plan.

Step away from your phone, your responsibilities and chores and we'll take care of everything.

Yoga, meditation, breathwork and sound healing are woven throughout your weekend. You'll be integrating tools and techniques to use on retreat and in your daily life.

It's a spacious weekend with plenty of time to nap, read that book you just haven't been able to finish or just to lie on a blanket and stare at the clouds.

Delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals made with love by our talented private chef will keep your belly happy.

You'll leave the weekend feeling like you've nourished yourself - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Image by Anthony Tran
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Mind calming inner peace outdoor meditation. An unrecognizable mindful woman meditating su
Why Go On A Silent Retreat?

Life is busy.

Life is loud.

We offer you the time, the space and the tools to escape the hustle, the bustle and the noise of every day life. Within that space and time you'll hear so much more, you'll notice so much more. 

You'll find your calm. 

More than a temporary wellness retreat - you'll discover more permanent changes take tools and technique back home with you, to continue bringing more calm into your day to day life. 

Many guests have experienced transformations and breakthroughs as a result of their time in silence. 

They found the clarity and the answers they needed. 

They found their calm

Your retreat schedule has been carefully crafted to give you the perfect balance of meditation, yoga, workshops plus lots of spare time which might be used to indulge in a healing session, connect with nature, lie on a blanket and find animal shapes in the clouds or to sneak back to bed for a guilt-free nap. 

In their free time many of our guests absorb themselves in something they used to love to do but rarely get the time now, like journal, knit, draw or paint.

A retreat in the forest is the perfect way to find your calm

Join us at Springbrook, just 45 minutes from the Gold Coast, 1.5 hours from Brisbane, and a few hours' drive from the Sunshine Coast, for a transformative experience of tranquility and self-discovery.
Immerse yourself in nature and silence as you disconnect from the noise of everyday life.

Our meditation retreats offer a rare opportunity to slow down and allowing your mind to quieten. 

You'll find solace in the simplicity of being present in the moment.

As you embark on this journey of inner reflection, you'll rediscover the profound beauty of silence and emerge refreshed, renewed, and ready to embrace life with clarity and purpose.

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Winter Silent Retreats

Winter retreats in the forest are simply divine, with mist swirling around us and the gentle sounds of the rainforest serving as the perfect background sounds. 

In your free time, curl up in front of the fireplace in the lounge and dining room with a book and a cuppa, and be absorbed in your own relaxation without any chit-chat to distract you. 

They Found Their Calm

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price and book


  • 2 nights accommodation in a bedroom to yourself, on a 50 acre property, in the rainforest

  • A thoughtfully crafted journey to transition you from the outside world and into the silence. You'll feel nurtured and supported throughout the whole experience

  • Delicious, vegetarian meals prepared with love by our private chefs (they are experienced in catering to all dietary needs)

  • Morning meditations in the forest to connect to nature & awaken your senses

  • Evening guided meditations to encourage a peaceful slumber

  • Several optional meditation and chanting sessions throughout the day 

  • Yoga classes to connect you back to your beautiful body

  • Optional massages

  • For autumn/retreats we have fireplaces in the lounge/dining rooms and heated yoga/meditation room

  • Air conditioned yoga room in summer

  • Optional pre-retreat phone call with Kara to ask any questions you might have

  • Arrival on Friday is between 4.30pm - 6pm (QLD time) and the silence starts after dinner

  • The retreat concludes Sunday, approx 11am.

  • Payment plans are available if needed. Please get in touch with us 

  • Return guests get a $100 discount

  • New guests who are referred by past guests get an $80 discount


Please note:

  • Discounts do not apply to ensuite rooms

  • Discounts are applied to your remaining balance after the deposit is paid.

upcoming retreats


For Calm Tips & Early Access To New Retreat Dates

Image by James Wainscoat

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Springbrook, the Yugambeh people. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Some questions you might have

  • Why are the retreats silent?
    Have you ever been to a yoga class and floated out? Feeling totally calm and balanced inside and out. However, that feeling often rapidly disappears as you start to interact with the world around you again. Imagine holding onto that feeling and building upon it as the weekend proceeds. There is no social media to distract you away from it, there is no listening to news or other people's problems. There is no rushing from chores to responsibilities. Sure your mind will most likely be busy - as is everyone else's in the group. But you will be learning and applying new techniques to help calm that chatter.
  • What are the "rules" on retreat?
    This is not a Vipassana retreat which is quite strict about what you can and can't do (eg no reading of books). On our retreats you can have a massage, read books, journal and indulge in quiet, mindful hobbies in your free time. We do ask that you put your mobile phone away and not have it visible to other guests. If you must make a call we ask you to do it in your car so no one else hears you. If you have been wanting to reduce your screen time, this is the perfect place to start!
  • Can I book with my partner/friend?
    Yes! It is a very special and meaningful experience to do together.
  • I'm pregnant, can I come on retreat?
    Yes, we have had many pregnant ladies attend our retreats. We have had beautiful feedback about how special the bonding experience was for Mum and growing bub. The meditation and breathing tools you will learn will be invaluable for motherhood.
  • How are your retreats different from Vipassana?
    Please see above "what are the rules on retreat". Also we are not primarily meditation focussed. Although we offer a lot of meditation instruction and classes, it is not the sole focus. Vipassana is highly structured whereas our retreats are more relaxed and free-flowing.
  • I have never done yoga/meditation is that ok?
    Yes! We love introducing people to both yoga and meditation and our classes are designed to be helpful for both beginners and more experienced practitioners.
  • Can I sit in a chair for the meditation sessions?
    Yes, on all retreats we usually have at least one person sitting in a chair for various reasons (we have many chairs available, for this purpose). Just let us know when you arrive at the venue and we'll get this set up for you.
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