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Hi, I'm Kara, a yoga and meditation teacher with over 12 years experience as a teacher.

My journey with these practices began 28 years ago when I took my very first yoga class with an inspirational 75-year-old teacher named Elsie. Since then, I've been deeply committed to sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation, particularly as I age.

Over the past decade I've hosted more than 50 yoga and meditation retreats, always in stunning locations in nature, mainly in the Gold Coast hinterland, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and in India. 

For the first few years the retreats were very well known as My Yoga Retreat but I began to notice the guests really relished the silence aspect and the immersion into meditation more and more so I started to specialise more in meditation retreats, in particular - silent meditation retreats. And have never looked back!

All our weekends offer optional yoga classes with the focus of the retreat being more on meditation, nature immersion, detox from technology and deeply listening to - silence!


Dozens of regular guests book my retreats every year (a few even come 2 or 3 times a year).

As a massive introvert, I understand the importance of finding stillness and solitude in our busy lives. I love to create these spaces for my guests, where they can reconnect with themselves and nature.

I look forward to meeting you at one of my silent retreats!

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