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Retreat from your busy life

to find your calm

We give you the space and the time to fill your cup
Upcoming retreats

June 23- 25  Springbrook Silent Retreat
Oct 27-29  Mt Tamborine Semi-Silent Retreat
Nov 17-19  Springbrook Silent Retreat

Silent Retreats

Do you crave time to yourself?

Life is busy. It can be difficult to slow down enough to fill your cup.


Take a break from your usual routine and let us guide you on a journey to connect back to nature, your heart & your calm. 

We offer several Silent Retreats a year in in the majestic forest of Springbrook

Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on
Image by Kyson Dana

Semi-Silent Retreat

Unlike our signature Gold Coast silent retreats, this yoga and meditation retreat is designed to be a more interactive experience. With all the same content as our usual retreats. you'll have the added layer (if you want) of meaningful connections with like-minded people as well as engage in beautiful periods of shared silence.

Our retreat is all about expereincing the simple, minimalist side of life, with dorm-style or camping accommodation, complemented by the luxurious touch of private chefs keeping your belly very happy.


You'll replenish your body and mind through yoga, meditation, and a variety of workshops, all carefully curated to help you find inner peace and recharge your batteries.

We can't wait to have you join us on this unforgettable journey of self-discovery and relaxation. Get ready to fill your cup and find your calm and meet some awesome people!f nature and the warmth of our community.

Meet your host, Kara
Traditional Dancer
Bali Retreat, June 2024

I have been to Bali many times so I'm very familiar and confident with the place and their customs. I am so in love with the beautiful, gentle Balinese people and cannot wait to respectfully share this place with others. 


Because I can only take a few guests, this inaugural "semi silent" yoga and meditation retreat will be available to guests who have already been on a retreat with us in the past (or past students etc).


Please click here to send a quick message to let me know if you'd like more information and to go on the waitlist. 

Snapshots From Previous Retreats

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