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How do I simply be?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

If I can't talk for two days on a Silent Retreat, what am I going to do?

Let's talk first about what you AREN'T going to be doing! And this is the really fun part I think.

For two days, you do not need to do any cleaning, cooking, food preparation, shopping, planning out your day - none of it!

It's all taken care of for you.

We have your to-do list covered leaving you free to focus on your TO-BE list.

All our roles and responsibilities in life can lead to very little me time during the day. We are outwardly focussed on all the things that need to be done - people need to be fed, clothes need to be washed, work needs to be done, bills need to be paid.

In amongst those lists, where do we fit in?

Where are we on that list? What are the things that light us up?

If it's been a long time since you have had the opportunity to pursue or even indulge in a passion, you may wonder what's the point, why bother? You might feel like you've lived without this activity in your life for so long, it no longer matters.

I reckon it does matter.

In their free time on my retreats, often people will engage in activities that are focussed around their hands. There is good reason for this (backed by science - and I do so love scientific validation for the things I do!)

There is an abundance of research about the benefits of doing things with our hands, like:

  • decreased stress levels

  • relief from anxiety

  • improvement in mental health

  • good for your brain

  • fosters creativity

  • provides a sense of accomplishment

  • life-long learning

  • getting into the flow state.

There are numerous articles talking about the well-being and health benefits of knitting. Knitting makes you feel good. If you don't know how to knit, don't fret. Knitting isn't the only way to get into that feel-good flow state.

Maybe you draw or paint or embroider. Maybe journaling or writing is more your style. Perhaps even reading a book.

Think back to activities you enjoyed as a child. What were they?

What would you like to revisit or reacquaint yourself with?

Imagine having uninterrupted time to mindfully focus on your chosen activity. What will you do? Do you need anything before coming away on the retreat? Make sure you have your supplies ready to go!

* these photos are of our beautiful guest Katie getting creative in her free time, at our last Silent Retreat at Springbrook.

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