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Silence - What is that?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

A whole weekend to yourself, sounds like a dream right?

Until the slight panic sets in.

The very prospect of two days of silence may seem both much desired and scary! What am I going to do with all the time by myself and being silent?

I know, I can practically hear you screaming at the screen "I've got children and a partner, parents and siblings and work and a million other things - there is no quiet, ever! I don't remember the last time I could sit in silence and simply be".

Our time is gobbled up by those never-ending to-do lists. They take over our brains in often very unhelpful ways. Most of us feel pressure to keep on doing and doing, even when our bodies and minds are screaming at us to rest and to simply be.

How would it feel to focus on being rather than doing?

All around us there is talk of personal growth and transformation and our desire to make positive, long-lasting changes to our lives.

How do we make these changes when most of our energy is channelled outwards?

Imagine, if you had the opportunity to focus all that outward focusing energy on to the most important person in your life, you.

Very few of us have the space and silence to be able to effectively do that without going away on a yoga and meditation retreat.

Silence can be scary though, especially if you haven't experienced it for a long time, maybe ever. Why is silence necessary, can't I just talk through all the things on my mind? For some issues, absolutely talking is vital. For developing a close relationship with yourself and your inner world, the path is silent.

Over the course of two days of silence you will find ways to channel energy to yourself. Deep contemplation and reflection that comes with being alone and being silent has the ability to relieve your stress and reduce your anxiety. Silence is the key to your inner world.

How would it feel to discover skills to be better able to navigate the stresses and busyness of life? Would that transform you? Your relationships with other people? How you navigate the world? How would that feel?

Silence can help you nourish yourself whilst making you calmer.

When we can be, rather than do, we can learn so much about ourselves.

We seek and just might manage to find - more joy and beauty in ourselves and the world around us.

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